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  • Learning How To Learn

    Tech changes daily. You will either master the skill of learning new things fast, or you quickly become a paper weight. Listen and Olivia Liddell – a professional trainer – […]

  • Preparing for your first programming job

    So, you landed your first developer job? What do you need to know? How can you be ready? Listen as Mario and Cal talk about what new developers need to […]

  • Can contributing to open source help your career?

    Why do developers write code and release it as open source? It can't be for the money, the vast majority never make a single cent off of releasing their code. […]

  • Developers don’t leave companies, they leave managers

    It's true, developers more often than not leave bad managers. Yes, a lot leave companies with bad culture, but honestly, isn't that the same thing? A bad culture lets a […]

  • Coming Soon!

    We are getting ready to publish our first episode! Hit subscribe on your favorite podcast player so you don’t miss a single episode.  Listen as hosts Mario Peshev and Cal […]