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  • Corporations, Small Companies or Startups? What Is Each Giving You as Your First Employer?

    Cal Evans and Mario Peshev talk about the differences between large companies and startups and which is best to start your career at. Show Notes No BS Engineering  

  • The Effect of COVID on Business

    Mario Peshev and Cal Evans talk about how COVID has changes doing business in tech, the affects it has had on hiring, and of course, remote working. Show Notes No […]

  • Mentoring New Developers

    Cal Evans and Mario Peshev talk about building development teams and specifically how to mentor new developers. Join in on the disucssion. Show Notes No BS Engineering  

  • 2020 Wrapup : Part 3

    In part 2 of the No BE Engineering wrapup episode, Mario and Cal look to the future. They disucss what's coming down the pipe for developers in 2021. Don't miss […]

  • 2020 Wrapup : Part 2

    In part 2 of the No BE Engineering wrapup episode, Mario and Cal talk about business during the time of COVID-19. What does it take to survive? What does the […]

  • 2020 Wrapup : Part 1

    It's been a hell of a year for everyone. So after a long hiatus, Mario and Cal are back to talk about the year that was, and things to come. […]

  • Exactly what is a Full Stack Developer

    Exactly what is a “Full Stack” developer? It seems these days that everybody wants to hire one, but nobody can fully agree on what it takes to be one. Join […]

  • The 40 Hour Work Week

    Work hard and play hard is the mantra of a lot of startups. But is this the best way to run a company or team? Listen as Mario Peshev and […]

  • Prepare for Weekly Career Learning Bumps

    You can’t just sit and code. As a developer you have to constantly be learning new things and staying on the cutting edge. The problem is, how? Are you a […]

  • Be a Jack of All Trades

    Robert A. Heinlein put it best in his novel “Time Enough for Love” when he said “Specialization is for Insects”. Developers these days need a wide variety of skills and […]